The Consultant

It has been said that trials are like theatre.
The Attorney who tells the most compelling story is more likely to win.

Child Custody Disputes challenge even the most experienced family law litigators. Consultation with an expert in family law forensic psychologist can support you in presenting a more powerful and compelling case. You deserve a deeply experienced and highly accomplished consultant. Choose a national leader and expert with a proven track record of success — an impressive 88% success rate.

As a Consultant...
Dr. Simon's knowledge of forensic psychology and family law makes him a powerful asset when litigating.
Do you need a Case Consultant & Strategist or an Expert Witness?
Use the table below to help you get started with that decision.
Starting Decision Criteria Case Consultant & Strategist Expert Witness
Do you need Dr. Simon to Testify? No Yes
Dr. Simon's primary purpose
in this role is... assist the retaining lawyer as determined
by the retaining lawyer and Dr. Simon. assist the Court by educating the Court.
In this role, Dr. Simon is aligned with... ...the case outcome. ...neutral to outcome.
Dr. Simon serves as a… ...a member of the Litigation Team
aligned with case outcome.
...a member of the Litigation Team, not in
an advocacy role but to educate and
assist the Court.

NOTE: Dr. Simon is also available to provide a neutral, court-appointed custody evaluation in which he is charged with advising the Court with regard to the best interests of the children.

Case Consultant & Strategist
Dr. Simon Consultant
Do you wish to add clarity and focus to the psychological elements of your case?

Are you having trouble making sense of the psychological elements of your case? Do you want to present the psychological elements of your case in a graspable and more compelling manner?

When you are litigating child custody and the best interests of children, it's important that the psychological issues be clearly understood by legal counsel and by the Judge. The most skilled attorneys know that sometimes, having an expert consultant gives them the ability to present a clearer and more compelling case in Court. Even the best lawyers need a Case Consultant & Strategist.

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When to use Dr. Simon as a Case Consultant & Strategist?

Dr. Simon literally wrote the book on Forensic Psychology Consulting and as a National Leader, he is a thought leader, setting the tone and know-how as he joins in defining this emerging field within forensic psychology.

Consider Dr. Simon if you want the best in your corner creating solutions, strategy and tactics that are well-informed by and thoroughly integrated with contemporary social science, thinking and research on matters that present challenges in family law matters like:

  • Assisting you in the conceptualization and implementation of a comprehensive case theory and case strategy when child custody is at issue.
  • Designing and writing the direct and cross examination of evaluators, expert witnesses, the parties and lay witnesses.
  • Creating subtle, but compelling language for a case when the dynamics of a family or of an individual need to be powerfully and persuasively brought from the background to foreground.
  • Delivering essential clarity around complex issues.
  • A new case walks in your door and you are immediately aware that there are multiple psychological and psycho-behavioral issues of the family that would benefit from a Forensic Psychologist on your team.

How to use Dr. Simon as a Case Consultant & Strategist?

As your behind-the-scenes, right hand Case Consultant and Strategist, Dr. Simon uses a pragmatic and direct approach to support you in developing and implementing strategy and tactics with on-going efficacy review in areas like:

  • Case Plan
  • Case Strategy and Tactics
  • Case Theory
  • Case Messaging
  • Background Research
  • Identify Witnesses
  • Prepare Witnesses
  • Author Direct and Cross for Trial and Deposition
  • 2nd Chair Trial and Deposition
  • Litigant Support and Management

Why use Dr. Simon as a Case Consultant & Strategist?

To free you up to do what you do best.

As a National Leader in Forensic Psychology Consulting in the role of Case Consultant and Strategist, Dr. Simon works for you in a totally confidential manner. His work is protected from discovery by the attorney-client work product doctrine. In addition, Dr. Simon feels privileged to be on your team. He treats you and your clients respectfully, as unique people, not just as another case.

As a part of your team working behind the scenes, Dr. Simon will:

  • Focus on assuring that your case theory, case plan and case tactics are consistent, integrated and informed by state-of-the-art social science research and knowledge.
  • Be candid and straightforward with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of each case and adapt to the demands of the case and the client.
  • Bring a proven and expert forensic approach to his work with you on the case.
  • Show you ways to make strategic choices with regard to the child-focused/child custody aspects of your case.
  • Assist you with drafting of direct and cross examination questions at trial, deposition questions during discovery and be present to assist you as your right hand during trial and deposition.

What Attorney-Clients are Saying

"Dr. Simon's consulting and litigation support services were instrumental in my obtaining custody for my client. Not only were his services very professional and effective, he has a positive attitude, is accessible and a pleasure to work with."
Certified Family Law Specialist, Newport Beach, CA

What Attorney-Clients are Saying

"In my opinion, Dr. Simon is the "go-to" consultant for child custody cases. He brings great expertise and value to the case. It was well worth having him fly cross-country to work with me and my client. I was pleased and my client was delighted."
Family Law Attorney – Stamford, CT

What Attorney-Clients are Saying

"After hiring Dr. Simon once and working with him, he became my firm's absolute 'go to' person for consulting services and expert witness services. His services were not only of the highest quality, he proved to be a pleasure to work with."
Family Law Attorney, Northern California

What Attorney-Clients are Saying

"Dr. Simon's knowledge of forensic psychology and procedure makes him a powerful asset when litigating."
Family Law Attorney, Oregon

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Expert Witness
Dr. Simon Expert Consultant
Would a compelling Expert Witness help tell your story?

Do you require an experienced and accomplished witness on vital psychologically relevant matters? Do you need a rebuttal expert to help educate the Court about the weaknesses and strengths of a child custody evaluation? Are you wary of Expert Witnesses who behave like hired guns?

As you know, effective, credible and compelling Expert Testimony can be invaluable in helping you present your case and provide strong advocacy for your client. Consider hiring Dr. Simon, an accomplished, articulate and experienced witness who is at ease on the witness stand and who will testify in a highly credible and professional manner.

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When to use Dr. Simon as an Expert Witness?

  • You wish to rebut a child custody evaluation completed by the Court-appointed expert.
  • Your case contains mental health/psychological issues that are complex and will benefit from testimony that systematically educates the Court about the issues.
  • There is a need for clear, dynamic and informative testimony.
  • You desire an expert witness with the ability to describe complex and subtle psychological concepts and issues in everyday language.
  • Your case includes "special issues" (such as relocation, alienation, domestic violence, substance abuse) and you believe that the Court will benefit from education about these issues and how they factor into your case.

How to use Dr. Simon as an Expert Witness?

In his role as a forensic psychologist, Robert A. Simon, Ph.D. has provided expert testimony throughout his career. As an expert in child custody, custody disputes and forensic procedure and reasoning, Dr. Simon has testified over 500 times in family law cases as a:

  • Neutral Expert (for example, in his role as a court-appointed Child Custody evaluator); and
  • Retained Expert (for example, a reviewer of the forensic work product of other evaluators).

Why use Dr. Simon as an Expert Witness?

Communicates complex information in everyday language.

Dr. Simon represents an expertise and knowledge that delivers effective value that far exceeds other in Forensic Psychology Consulting because he:

  • is very comfortable in the courtroom, on the witness stand and functioning in the context of litigation;
  • has extensive experience in reviewing and critiquing the work product of other psychologists;
  • very clearly understands the critical differences between forensic reasoning and clinical reasoning;
  • is well versed in family law, legal procedure and trial procedure; and
  • has been involved in over 1,500 child Custody cases during the course of his professional life.

What Attorney-Clients are Saying

"Dr. Simon's communication skills are extremely apparent when he testifies. He is able to make complex concepts accessible and has a communication style that is compelling and captivating."
Family Law Attorney, Venture County, CA

What Attorney-Clients are Saying

"Dr. Simon's ability to translate complex psychological concept into everyday language succeeds in guiding courts towards better decisions and rulings." "
Superior Court Judge, CA

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