A National Leader in Forensic
Psychology Consulting

Dr. Robert Simon's focus is exclusively on Family Law. His approach goes beyond
assumptions and facts to tactics and strategy. As a National Leader in Forensic
Psychology Consulting, he blends science, empiricism, ethics and humanity in family
and domestic legal matters.

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Consultant, Author, Educator

Dr. Simon is a National Leader in Forensic Psychology Consulting, with over 30 years of experience in the legal domain of family law and domestic relations. Whether he's authoring, educating others or functioning as your case consultant and strategist or forensic psychologist expert witness in a family law matter, Dr. Simon applies empowering, pragmatic, empirically driven and ethically integrated solutions. Child custody mediation and custody evaluation with Dr. Simon helps support you in presenting a more powerful and compelling case; choose Dr. Simon as your child custody consultant.

Dr. Simon is licensed as a Psychologist in California and Hawaii, available for consultation and speaking throughout North America.

The Custody Consultant
The Consultant
When you need an expert Forensic Psychology Consultant and Strategist in your corner or an Expert Witness!
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The Child Custody Expert Author
The Author
Evolving and advancing the field of Forensic Psychology by sharing unique insights, ideas and approaches.
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The Forensic Psychology Custody Educator
The Educator
Giving back to the field and others seeking increased knowledge and skill development with concepts that are readily put into use.
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“It has been said that the attorney who tells the most
compelling story is more likely to win.”

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Dr. Simon In the News

Panel encourages lawyers to engage in self care

It’s no secret that lawyers have high-stress jobs, so the convergence of 700 lawyers at the beach for the Maryland State Bar Association annual meeting was a good time to remind them to take a break. “The legal profession is much more vulnerable to drinking, anxiety disorders,” said Robert A. Simon, a forensic psychologist on Friday’s panel. Simon gave a presentation titled “Why Good People Do Bad Things.”

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Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation Book
Forensic Psychology Consultation in
Child Custody Litigation
A Handbook for Work Product Review, Case Preparation and Expert Testimony

Best Selling Book from The American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, titled Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation: A Handbook for Work Product Review, Case Preparation, and Expert Testimony. Written by Recognized Expert Forensic Psychologists Robert A. Simon, PhD. and Philip M. Stahl, PhD, ABPP available now at the American Bar Association web store.

This book serves as the authoritative and comprehensive volume on the emerging field of forensic review, trial consultation, and the role of the expert witness in child custody litigation. It is intended for family law attorneys, family experts, and mental health professionals working in the child custody arena. See what's inside button [link to the books page on amazon]

Dr. Robert A. Simon, Ph.D.
Why should I consider you over other Forensic Psychology Consultants?
Dr. Robert A Simon, Ph.D., Child Custody Expert Witness
What is the difference between having Dr. Simon be a Case Strategist or Expert Witness?
Dr. Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., Child Custody Case Strategist
What type of materials do you like to write about?
Dr. Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., Keynote Speaker and Educator
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