The Educator

The expert that teaches other experts.
The expert that other consultants seek to learn from.

As a Leading Expert, Dr. Simon is a sought after speaker and educator in forensic psychology in the domain of family law having been a guest at more than 50 events in the past 10 years. He has appeared on NPR, is an Expert Commentator used by local television stations, serves on numerous professional committees and panels and trained hundreds of psychologists, attorneys and judicial officers at leading industry events. In 2015, Dr. Simon trained judicial officers in Idaho, was a featured speaker for the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada and for the Alaska Psychological Association. In addition, Dr. Simon has guest lectured at the University of San Diego School of Law, California Western School of Law, as examples.

  • Custody Disputes
  • Child Custody Determinations
  • Child Custody Evaluations
  • Relocation in Child Custody Disputes
  • Bias in Child Custody Evaluation
  • Parenting
  • Family Communication Skills
  • Divorce (And It's Impact on Children/Families)
  • Trial Strategy
  • Depositions of Expert Witnesses
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology procedure
  • Forensic Work Product Review
  • Developmental Psychology
As an Educator...
Dr. Simon has the ability to make complex concepts and ideas accessible and comprehensible. He is an outstanding teacher and lecturer.

Robert's Speaking Style

Dr. Simon takes his role as an educator very seriously and at times receives some roasting on his facial expressions. Nonetheless, he is very thoughtful in what he shares and delivers information in a straightforward, easily understandable manner regardless of the audience's mix of expertise or knowledge level. Dr. Simon makes sure that each time he has the opportunity to teach and educate that he gives pragmatic and actionable information that may be used that day. He takes great care in customizing each event to the needs of the audience and goals of the event, preparing carefully, no matter the size of the audience, no matter how frequently he has spoken on the topic.

Fueled by his vision of transforming conflict into an opportunity to evolve and grow through commonality, creativity, community and shared goals and aspirations, Dr. Simon is:

  • Passionate about ongoing training and quality improvement
  • Centered is blending science, ethics, and humanity in family and domestic legal relations
  • Sharing street smarts from real-world application of knowledge and experience
Upcoming Educational Events
Family Court Australia
Child Dispute Services Forum
Date: August 15, 2016Location: Family Court of Australia, Child Dispute Services Level Three Room, Commonwealth Law Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Robert will present the Realities and Myths for the Family Consultant.
AFCC Conference Australia
Date: August 18–20, 2016Location: South Bank, Brisbane, Australia
Robert will be a Pre-Conference Institute Speaker and Conference Speaker at the Third Annual Conference of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.
National Family Law Conference Melbourne
Date: Oct 18–21, 2016Location: Melbourne, Australia
Robert is a Keynote Speaker at the 2016 National Family Law Conference program featuring keynote speakers from around Australia and overseas.
AFCC Conference Atlanta
Date: November, 2016Location: Atlanta, GA
How Our Brains Fool Us: Keeping Cognitive Bias from Leading You Astray. 12th AFCC Child Custody Symposium.
Family Court Australia
Family Consultant National Conference
Date: July, 2017Location: Werribee, Australia
Clinicians In The Courtroom: Giving Evidence and Cross Examination. Invited presenation at the Family Consultant National Conference of the Family Court and National Circuit Court of Australia.
Previous Educational Presentations
Annual Meeting of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Overview: Testing 1,2,3: The Misuse of Psychological Testing in Child Custody Evaluations. 53rd.
Date: June, 2016
Location: Seattle, WA
53rd. Annual Meeting of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Overview: E-discovery and Social Media: A New Challenge For Family Law Professionals.
Date: May, 2016
Location: Seattle, WA
Idaho Magistrate Judges Conference: The Art of Judicial Decision-Making
Overview: Child Development and Parenteing Plans for Children: Towards an Integrated Approach. Invited Presentation.
Date: May, 2016
Location: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Family Law Judiciary, State of Hawaii
Overview: Special Issues in Court-Connected Psychotherapy in Cases of Disputed Child Custody. Invited Presentaiton.
Date: April, 2016
Location: Kapolei, O’ahu, Hawaii
Annual Meeting of the Family Law Section of the Nevada Bar Association
Overview: Effective Direct Examination of Witnesses. Invited presentation.
Date: March, 2016
Location: Ely, Nevada
USA / Canada Chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Overview: How Our Brains Fool Us: Keeping Cognitive Bias from Leading You Astray! Invited Presentation. (with Philip Stahl, Ph.D.).
Date: February, 2016
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Annual Conjoint Meeting of the Arizona Bar Association and the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Overview: Effective and Ethical Use of Forensic Psychology Consultants in Child Custody Litigation. Invited presentation.
Date: January, 2016
Location: Phoenix, AZ
AFCC Regional Training Conference
Overview: Translating Theory into Practice: The Child’s Representative. (with Rebecca M. Stahl, JD, LLM & Kirsten L. Tobin, JD)
Date: November, 2015
Location: Columbus, OH
Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Overview: Special Considerations for Special Needs Children in Child Custody Determinations. Invited presentation.
Date: November, 2015
Location: Chicago, IL
37th Annual Child Custody Colloquium of the Los Angeles County Bar Association — Family Law Section
Overview: Fish Bowl or Safe Harbor? Therapy and Health Care Privilege Issues in Custody Litigation. Invited Presentation. (with Leslie Shear, CFLS, IAML & The Hon. Harvey Silberman).
Date: October, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Annual Meeting of the California Bar Association
Overview: The Dark Side: Why Lawyers Do Bad Things — an Encore. Invited Presentation. (with the Hon. Catherine Purcell)
Date: October, 2015
Location: Anaheim, CA
Annual Meeting of the California Bar Association
Overview: Dealing with Difficult Clients in Your Law Practice. Invited presentation.
Date: October, 2015
Location: Anaheim, CA
Alaska State Psychological Association
Overview: A Trio of Issues: Child Custody Evaluation, Clinicians in the Courtroom and Case Consultation. Invited Full Day Institute.
Date: September, 2015
Location: Anchorage, AK
Australia Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Overview: Advanced Practice of Forensic Psychological Assessment. Invited presentation.
Date: August, 2015
Location: Sydney, Australia
78th Annual Conference of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Never Married Parents: Special Considerations for Judicial Officers.
Date: July, 2015
Location: Austin, TX
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Educational materials

Possessing a natural curiosity about people and the world, and passionate about things that provide meaning, direction and purpose, Dr. Simon writes on subject matters that will make a difference in the forensic psychology consulting arena and child custody for two distinct audiences:

Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation Book
Forensic Psychology Consultation in
Child Custody Litigation
A Handbook for Work Product Review, Case Preparation and Expert Testimony

Best Selling Book from The American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, titled Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation: A Handbook for Work Product Review, Case Preparation, and Expert Testimony. Written by Recognized Expert Forensic Psychologists Robert A. Simon, PhD. and Philip M. Stahl, PhD, ABPP available now at the American Bar Association web store.

This book serves as the authoritative and comprehensive volume on the emerging field of forensic review, trial consultation, and the role of the expert witness in child custody litigation. It is intended for family law attorneys, family experts, and mental health professionals working in the child custody arena.

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