The Author

Dr. Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., child custody psychologist

As a National Leader in Forensic Psychology Consulting and Best Selling Author, Dr. Simon's goal is to write in an informative, easily readable and even fun to read way. His style is straightforward and clear — not complicated for the sake of being complicated, not heady for the sake of being heady and not academic for the sake of being academic. In his writings, Robert tries to make materials that could be otherwise daunting or tedious accessible through a style that is authoritative, plain spoken and conversational in tone.

During the course of his 30 year career, Dr. Simon has written articles and books, gaining a reputation as a leading voice and thought leader in forensic psychology consulting. He is published by the American Bar Association - Family Law Section and other leading academic journals, magazines, and associations that strive to evolve this work to a place where excellence is a minimal expectation and families in transition are honored and treated with respect and humanity.

Although he constantly looks for new issues and topics to write on, Dr. Simon has written on a wide range of subjects such as:

  • Child Custody
  • Family Issues
  • Divorce
  • Parenting
  • Child Assessments
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Forensic Procedure
  • Work Product Reviews
  • Evaluations
  • Interdisciplinary Practice
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Professional Ethics
  • Neuropsychology
  • And Much More...
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Two Distinct Audiences

Possessing a natural curiosity about people and the world, and passionate about things that provide meaning, direction and purpose, Dr. Simon writes on subject matters that will make a difference in the forensic psychology consulting arena and child custody for two distinct audiences:

Dr. Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., child custody expert witness
For Professional Audiences —
Attorneys, Psychologists and Judges
Dr. Simon writes on topics they need to know and writes about them in a way that is much easier to process and comprehend, so they are better at what they do. For example, What is the role of psychology testing in in a forensic assessments? Interview techniques for children, and What does the literature tells us in reality about the impact of divorce on young children?
Dr. Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., child custody mediation expert
For the General Public —
Parents and Families
Dr. Simon likes to clarify some of the things people are going through that are emotionally complex. For example, What is a custody evaluation? What will you go through? What are the various components, why do they exist and what do they help the evaluator understand. Some other examples include, How do you talk to your kid about divorce in a simple, straight forward way? What should and shouldn't you use?
What Readers are Saying
The next best thing to hiring a consultant
If you can't have Dr. Simon on your team as a consultant, his new book is the very next best thing. Dr. Simon has created the 'blueprint' for critically analyzing all aspects of custody evaluations—everything from how to craft the initial order to critically analyzing and dissecting the final report. I wouldn't dare prepare for or go to trial in a custody matter without this book. There is simply no substitute for the solid research and practical experience that Dr. Simon brings to the table. He is at the top of his class in the custoday field.
An absolute must have for family law
This book is an absolute 'must have' for the family law professional. Whether you litigate or collaborate in family law, the information in this book will help you be better prepared for the mental health children's issues in your cases. Dr. Simon has hit a home run with this book.
An invaluable guide
Dr. Simon's handbook is an invaluable guide to working with mental health professionals and their reports in custody litigation. It will be the 'go to' resource for preparing for the examination and cross-examination of psychological experts. The authors show you how to defend and attack the methodology used by the experts. The authors have a straight forward style that makes this book at tool you will use in every contested custody matter.


Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation Book
Forensic Psychology Consultation in
Child Custody Litigation
A Handbook for Work Product Review, Case Preparation and Expert Testimony

Best Selling Book from The American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, titled Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation: A Handbook for Work Product Review, Case Preparation, and Expert Testimony. Written by Recognized Expert Forensic Psychologists Robert A. Simon, PhD. and Philip M. Stahl, PhD, ABPP available now at the American Bar Association web store.

The book will focus on the process and roles of reviewers, consultants and expert witnesses in contested custody cases. Dr. Simon and Dr. Stahl share their more than 50 years of combined experience helping attorneys understand critical psychological matters. Using case examples where issues such as the developmental needs of children, relocation, domestic violence and the alienated child are involved, the book will identify a process to critique the evaluation reports of others, help you clarify the strengths and weaknesses of your case(s); and describe providing expert testimony on a range of psychological issues.

Written by Recognized Expert Forensic Psychologists

Robert A. Simon, PhD and Philip M. Stahl, PhD, ABPP (Forensic) are experienced child custody evaluators and work on the cutting edge of the field of review, consulting and testifying in child custody litigation consulting throughout the United States. The authors frequently teach continuing education programs for judges, lawyers and mental health professionals on subjects related to child custody disputes, child custody evaluation and child custody litigation.

A Partial List of Chapters
  • Essential Differences Between Forensic and Clinical Psychology
  • Ethics of Consultants and Expert Witnesses
  • Consultation and Testifying Roles
  • Evidentiary Standards in Expert Testimony
  • Development of a Case Theory
  • Strategies for Constructing Questions for Testimony
  • Attorney ­— Mental Health Professional Relationships
  • Bias in Family Law Forensic Psychology Work
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Child Custody Evaluations in Military Families
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